Team Vortex Robots - Vortex
Progress Report - March 25th, 2001

First things first: I'd really like to thank my Dad's friend, Ted Teach. Without his help, we wouldn't have been able to do many of the things we did.

Anyway, we got the last of the armor cut to length by this big pneumatic shear. We also got a nice tour of the facilities that house it (the company produces laser plane equipment), which also has a great deal of other very impressive equipment such as a huge $400k CNC machine and a really cool laser lathe.

We spent most of the week getting the new pillow blocks for our custom shafts put in. It took a lot longer then anticipated, because we had to add sections to the frame for the new pillow blocks, and most of the areas they had to go into didn't have the best places to put the new parts. Because of that, we only managed to finish them for two of the motors, including the one pictured, which went smoother then the other due to being the forward-most motor in the frame and thus being free of the mounts for the drive shaft pillow blocks.

This is Vortex's new weapon shaft. It's a ton lighter then the old 3/16" steel channel, and is made from extremely strong 4130 steel. We're also going to have it hardened, making it a lot stronger.
The new weapon mounts made for the new shaft. These are a lot lighter then their old equivalent too :)

I had to take it off right afterward so that we could bring the shaft in to be hardened, but just for fun, I went ahead and put the weapon head on the shaft. As you can see from the second picture, it's almost exactly 16" long - nearly as wide as the entire bot :)

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