Name: Ken Hockenheimer
 Age: 46
 Occupation: Insurance
 Quote: "Oh my God, how much?" [Editor's Note - This occurred just after receiving a McMaster-Carr bill. There's not too much question why they went ahead and sent us a catalog :) ]


 Name: Sara Hockenheimer
 Age: 18
 Occupation: Engineering Aide (Air Force Research Lab - Wright Patterson A.F.B.) / High School Senior
 Quote: "Celebrate August 8th by sneaking some zucchini onto your neighbors porch! It's a real holiday, I promise!"


 Name: Matt Hockenheimer
 Age: 19
 Occupation: Sophomore at Taylor University Studying Computer Science /  Self-Employed Programmer (Also the guy who occasionally updates this site)
 Quote(s): "Oops." "Ouch!" "Uh oh..." "Where'd that screw go?" "Why isn't this working?" "I hope we only fried the motherboard, and not the whole thing..."





















Battlebots Season 3 at Treasure Island, San Francisco

Battlebots IQ at Universal Studios in Orlando
Also pictured: Byron and Tony Lewis